Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guys who say they prefer little/no makeup to a lot... no

About, say, 90% of guys will say they like little to no makeup in opposition to a lot. Yeah... no. About 80% at least of those guys will be lying through there teeth to not sound shallow (which they are). I'm lucky enough that the person I like truly hates caked-on makeup as much as I do, if not even more, but he's in the minority sadly.

Guys, this is not to bash you or these girls, but you cannot tell your girlfriends and female friends (assuming married men are man enough to not do this) that you like them with no makeup or a little bit only, and then constantly remark about celebrities or other girls you find "hot" that really pile it on

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^This is attractive, 5 gallons of makeup, per feature, plus hair products? I remember my dad once saying something about girls who wear so much that the next morning, it looks like a clown slept on their pillow instead of them. It's true- why would you want that? If you genuinely like girlfriend or girl friend for who she is, you wouldn't want to be friends with her just because you liked how she looked because she's already fine the way she is... right? Then why do you insinuate to them that women who wear lots of makeup are better?

Guys who like makeup-masks, stop pretending you're not shallow. Guys who actually like little to none used, I love you, and you're right- natural is better. If you need 50 pounds of makeup to hide what lies beneath, that's not attractiveness. That's what works in a circus.

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  1. I always believe that natural is better, make up is so unnecessary.