Monday, January 30, 2017

You're Not Marching For Me

Courtesy of National Review

I'm way late to post, but even now at the end of the month, everyone's got an opinion on the Women's March that took place the day after President Trump's inauguration. For better or worse, it's stirred up some attention. Women all over the country marched for our "right" to free birth control and abortion and some other issues such as the wage gap (which has already been debunked several times, anyway).

Now, decent health care is one thing... But I don't want or support free birth control or abortions. How can these people claim to fight for those of us who don't want it?

Maybe because they weren't actually fighting for all women, making the title "Women's March" an odd one. Because for all the passionate signs and chanting done and women claiming to care about other women, pro-life women were told they were uninvited to this march, even pro-lifers who identified as feminist themselves.

And gaslighting us by condescendingly informing us we are either too stupid to know how hopelessly oppressed we are, or too privileged to sympathize with the oppressed (well... which one is it? You can't pick and choose someone's social and class status when it suits you) does not make anyone want to support your cause.

Incredibly, the March for Life was able to gain support or show up without any vulgar costumes or signs or telling someone how unwelcome they are. Almost like they're able to put their money where their mouth is.

I was unable to go to the MFL- the real Women's March that fights for rights some women (the unborn) do not actually have, unlike just demanding free birth control for people who decided to have sex- but I was in spirit, and I feel far more empowered to align myself with them.