Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well! It's certainly been a long time since my last entry, hasn't it? I mostly only get inspired to write something when I'm angry or annoyed at something I feel matters. So far, a lot has changed for me (well, some things) but not necessarily enough to write about. Although, I do have some drafts saved. Maybe I'll go back to them.

So, I have my first job! It's stocking at the general store by my house. I'm so glad it's close. Unfortunately, since I'm not good at working the register (it is possible to not be good at counting change, trust me) and don't like it much, the main days for stocking are on Sat., Sun., and Mon. I did once on Thursday too. So I've been missing church every week for almost 3 months to work for 5 hours a week, but I don't want to complain. I have to go work from 6-11 tomorrow morning and I want to ask my manager if I can start doing Sat. & Mon. jobs each week and maybe Thursdays or whenever else too. That way = more church + more money.

Hopefully some muse will come along to strike my interests and I can get this blog going again!