Friday, May 28, 2010

This "Real women have curves" bullcrap

This "real woman have curves" crap is getting old. All women have curves. Or do you care to deny biology? To prove it, stand against a wall or lie on the floor and trace your shadow. If you can't see the curve, you need some glasses. Curves are NOT fat rolls and huge tits or your dress size; your SHAPE is. And being curvy is not a title just for Marilyn Monroe types (who was pretty unhealthy-looking and fake as it was, but that's off topic). If you mean "fat rolls", for goodness' sake, be honest and just say "fat rolls".

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Audrey Hepburn was a cone shape and she had perfect curves, as her hip ratio was .7, clear, plain, obvious curves. And she was pretty slender too. Hourglass figures are not having breeder hips and DD cups. It's having a perfect shoulder to hip ratio (meaning their measurements are the same) with a defined waist. I've checked my own measurements countless times, and while they're tiny, that doesn't matter- I still have an hourglass figure. Proportion is what determines the shape, NOT the SIZE.

Anyway, last I checked, what made a woman a "real" women was having mammary glands and, oh... a vagina, maybe? This new trend of dehumanizing slimmer, smaller-chested girls to make bigger/fat/obese ones feel better about themselves (and if they're healthy they SHOULD, but obviously obesity isn't healthy) is quite twisted. Anorexics have it the worse. They're made out to be these hideous, inhuman monsters with no feelings who act like they're far hotter than anyone else and deserve no respect at all, whereas in reality they're just poor girls with terrible mental disorders who find themselves as ugly as those hateful people call them. I have to question whether or not these (real) monsters who perversely degrade these girls are also the same people who take pleasure in making fun of mentally retarded kids as well.

I'm also sick of this "well, I'd rather be big than a twig" and "real men want meat not bones" or "guys don't want a girl they can snap in half" crap. Firstly, there are grey areas. You're not either chubby or starving-African-child sized. They are so many different sizes, then you have to take height and weight and metabolism into consideration. Is this just another way people (yes, most entirely girls) make themselves feel better? Being tiny doesn't make you a piece of wood or an anorexic (the cool, trendy word for "skinnier than I am", now) And as for the other, that's just awful. Real men do not discriminate against ANY woman for her size, at least, not if she can't help it (and believe you me, the majority of thin girls can't). Women are also not "meat" (and when they say that, they are just referring to fat, not muscle) or things to "grab". You want some meat or have something to grab, go get a steak or a stress ball, you little perverts. And ladies, please... stop pretending as if you know what men want, just because your boyfriend likes that. Your boyfriend does not represent the entirely population of men in the world (and thank Heaven for that).

anyway, /rant. I'm just getting so sick of this coddling of big/fat women and insulting of slimmer ones. If you haven't noticed by this point, go Google it. It's not at all a rare thing and you could need glasses to not have noticed it.


  1. Perfectly said! I kept telling people pretty much the same but didn't think about writing a blog post about it (I was actually going to write a blog post about small tits - I'm a small tits lover, besides slim almost skinny girls lover mwhahahah). So, congrats on the post. I'll share it on my facebook.

    Take care :)

  2. As for "real men want meat not bones" there's another stupid, idiotic and insanely disgusting saying in Romania that comes like this: "sa am pe ce pune mana" which translates as "to have something (big) to put my hands on".... If putting hands on a bag of fat is their thing, good.. I'd rather put my hands on some meat (not fat) and muscle. As for beasts... if people like big tits which actually drain out once they are left out of the bra.. again, that's their thing and good for them! I'd rather feel a firm breast, perfectly shaped for a tender hand. :)